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 The catholic Anglican tradition emphasises

  • the worship of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

  • the centrality of Christ’s incarnation, life, death and resurrection

  • serving Christ in others, especially those most in need

  • the Apostolic Ministry, the authority of the Church, the wisdom of the Scriptures, the gift of human reason, and the effective grace of the Sacraments

  • God as the Creator of all things who blesses creation and calls it good

  • the enabling, life-giving power and presence of the Holy Spirit

 ACU affirms

  • that the Anglican Communion is part of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church

  • that the richness and diversity of the catholic Anglican tradition are vital for the fullness of God's mission to the world through the Church

  • that, according with the Word of God, all peopleirrespective of race, gender or sexualityare to be welcomed, nurtured, and encouraged into and in the life, ministry and government of the Church

ACU seeks

  • to encourage and maintain the diversity of worship, thought and practice of the catholic faith within the Anglican Church of Australia

  • to present a balanced catholic Anglican viewpoint on important issues in the faith and life of the Church within our diocese, province and the national church

  • to provide a forum for open, representative and honest dialogue on current issues across the range of catholic Anglican viewpoints

  ACU therefore

  • organises lectures, seminars, and discussion forums on important issues facing the Anglican Church

  • encourages members to worship together on occasions, such as the annual Keble celebration

  • celebrates the rich diversity of Anglican Christianity


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